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Kid-Que Chefs

For this year’s Kid-Que we have secured the finest chefs from the Central Florida area who not only incredibly talented, but love giving back to the community and can’t wait to meet our kids from Helpful Hands. They are looking forward to a little friendly competition and we are so happy to have them participate! Let’s get to know a few of our chefs!

Our first chef participating in Kid-Que is Chef Terrance A. Fisher from Black Apron Crew!

Education: Le Cordon Bleu
Company: Black Apron Crew
About Chef: I started cooking at a young age because I was the oldest of 2 boy’s. My mother called and gave instructions over the phone, we had to take detailed notes because we didn’t have smart phones to send texts. Fast forward to today after honing my skills at school getting inducted to the honor society. I knew I wanted to start my own company and I did. I’m still fairly new in the world of Culinary but I’m motivated and determined to teach the next generation and also learn from them. In order to be a great leader one must learn how to follow- those are the words I live by.

Our next participant is Chef Chandler Cook from Devine Wine & Grill!

Chef Chandler Cook is the executive chef at DeVine Wine and Grill. He can’t remember when he wasn’t cooking. Originally from South Carolina, he started making biscuits as soon as he was able to stand on a footstool to reach the kitchen counter. He cultivated his culinary foundation through his family and continued developing his passion while graduating from the University of South Carolina with his culinary degree.

Gaining experience and furthering his education, Chef Chandler traveled across the country, explored South America, and worked extensively throughout the southeast until joining DeVine. His culinary philosophy is to create a unique experience that will bring diners back to their roots, regardless of where they came from. “I always make comfort food, no matter what the dish or the inspiration. Southern food is all about comfort; that is where I got my foundation, and I try to bring that feeling to every dish I create. Whether it’s American meatloaf, European style chartcuterie, or Japanese ramen, I want our diners to feel just like they did when they were eating in their grandmother’s kitchen.”

We also have Chef Marcos Cortés from Oviedo Medical Center!

Chef Marcos Cortés grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico, an island rich with gastronomy tradition and vast on versatile cooking ingredients. Since an early age, he learned the wonders of sustainable farming, good food, flavor and texture. He worked in different venues including personal chef, restaurants, bakeries, hospitals, and educational institutions. Skilled in team building, training, catering, and cooking, Chef Marcos is a strong operations professional with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration and Associates of Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu. Today, Chef Marcos Cortés is working as a Kitchen Supervisor for Oviedo Medical Center and is looking forward to working within the community to highlight his team’s expertise.

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