Rules and Regulations for vendors.

BBQ Blowout 2017 Hold Harmless

Terms of agreement: I agree that as a vendor I am solely responsible for the safety and integrity of my goods and property while at this festival. Accordingly, I agree to release the Central Florida’s BBQ Blowout, the City of Oviedo, Helpful Hands Inc., Oviedo Mall, Oviedo Fund LLC, Oviedo Fund Manager LLC, Urban Retail Properties LLC and CMFG Life and the Oviedo-Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce and their respective agents and employees and any other partners, successors and assigns of any of the foregoing, and all co-sponsors, from any and all claims of any nature, arising now or in the future, for any loss or damage to my property or goods that are exhibited at, stored in or being transported in and out of the festival area.
I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Central Florida’s BBQ Blowout, the City of Oviedo, Helpful Hands Inc., Oviedo Mall Holding LLC, International Growth Properties, Ilbak Investment and the Oviedo-Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce from any personal injury which I or my helpers, employees or assistants may sustain during setup, dismantling or while participating in the 2017 Taste of Oviedo or any injury to third parties that may be caused by myself, my helpers, employees or assistants. I also understand that the neither the 2017 Taste of Oviedo, nor any of the above-named parties carries any insurance to cover my personal property. As an independent contractor, I am advised to carry my own insurance to cover my personnel or my property.

Food Safety and Sanitary regulations for BBQ Teams and Snack Vendors can be found here:

BBQ Team and Snack Vendor participation form

I hereby grant full permission to the event organizers and/or other agents authorized by them to use photos, videos, recordings, or other records of this event for legitimate reasons.

No selling or giving away water, soda or alcohol.

No refunds. All sales are final. Event happens rain or shine.

APPLICATION FEE: To qualify for the membership rate, applicant must be a Chamber Member (dues are paid to date) on the day of the event, May 27, 2017. If applicant is a current member but that membership lapses before May 27, 2017, the applicant will have to pay the additional application fee before the day of the event, in order to exhibit. The fee must be paid in full on-line to complete your order. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION IS May 20, 2017. There will be NO refunds for any reason, including inclement weather.

ENTERTAINMENT AT EXHIBIT: All entertainment that you would like to have at your exhibits (i.e. Characters in costume, face painter, photographer, snow cone machine, fire dancers) must be approved of by the Committee. The Committee reserves the right to decline or prohibit entertainment for any reason.

CHARACTER OF EXHIBIT: All exhibits are at the discretion of the Committee. The Committee reserves the right to decline or prohibit any exhibit or exhibitor that, in the Committee’s opinion, is not suitable for the event. This clause includes conduct, printed material, souvenirs, catalogs, artwork and all other things, that in the opinion of the Committee affect the character of this event.

NON-EXCLUSIVITY: All exhibitors, once accepted by the Committee, are aware that there will be NO exclusivity as to the nature, type or kind of displays. Because of this, the Chamber retains the right to modify the booth arrangement to evenly space out similar businesses. Exclusivity may be applied as it pertains to certain sponsorships.

BOTH SPACE/SIZE: Each booth space will be clearly marked. Exhibitors may not extend their booth space beyond the area assigned; all spaces are standard 10’x10’. All exhibitors will be responsible for their own setup and breakdown, and for all items necessary for display. Booth sharing is not allowed. You are responsible for bringing weights for your booth as the parking lot can get windy. Any damage in the event area that results from your tent/materials will be your responsibility.

ARTS AND CRAFTS: All Arts and Crafts must be made/crafted by the exhibitor. We do not allow resale items.

COMBUSTIBLE FUELS: There will be no combustible fuels or open flame equipment allowed in the display area unless prior written permission is received from the Committee. NO generators of any type will be allowed. Power is available for all spaces.

PARKING: Exhibitor parking will be spaces outside the exhibit area at Oviedo Mall. Parking is on a first come – first serve basis with plenty of spaces available. All exhibitors agree to comply with traffic flow rules that are in place during setup and breakdown times. On the day of the event, exhibitor vehicles are NOT ALLOWED in the exhibit area between 1:30 pm and the end of the event. Oviedo police determine when it is safe for vehicles to re-enter the exhibit area. Violators of this rule may be banned from future festivals.

DECORATIONS, SIGNS, FURNITURE, ETC: Exhibitors may equip their space with furniture, potted plants, flowers and other special effects as long as they do not obstruct the general view of any other exhibit. Exhibitors are prohibited from obstructing pathways marked for emergency vehicles and carts that are used by officials of the event. All items must be kept within the boundaries of the exhibitor’s 10’x10’ space unless otherwise approved by the Committee.

EXCESSIVE NOISE/DEMONSTRATIONS: Musical instruments, stereos, radios, machines, sound systems and televisions may be operated under the following regulations: (1) Volume of all above-mentioned equipment must be kept to a minimum. (2) Exhibitors are not allowed to use loud speakers or amplifiers of any kind in their booths without written permission of the Committee.

SOLICITATION: All solicitation, petitioning or drawing for prizes must be done from within the exhibitor’s booth. Exhibitors are NOT ALLOWED to walk with items or literature. If this occurs, the exhibitor will be asked to cease and if a second occurrence is noted, the exhibitor will be expelled from the event.

LIVE ANIMALS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN ANY EXHIBIT: They are specifically excluded from our insurance coverage and may not be brought to the event. Only service animals are permitted.

EXPULSION: The Committee reserves the right to expel any exhibitor who refuses to comply with the above-mentioned Rules and Regulations. Such exhibitors will forfeit all fees.

Please call us at the office if you have any questions at 407-278-4871

Bridget Lake
Senior Director of Sponsorships & Events

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