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Sonny’s Random Acts of BBQ

Central Florida’s BBQ Blowout 2017 is presented by Sonny’s BBQ and Oviedo Roofing! We are so appreciative of our sponsors for participating in this delicious event that benefits Helpful Hands, a local non-profit dedicated to helping families in need.

Sonny’s cares about our community and recognizing those who “spark the spirit of BBQ.”

“We believe in giving back to the communities we serve.

One way we do this is through Random Acts of BBQ—an unexpected recognition of people who spark the spirit of BBQ in our communities.

Do you know someone who is selflessly giving their time and talent to others in your community with little recognition?

At Sonny’s, we call that spreading the spirit of BBQ. So, please join us in surprising these sparks in our community with a BBQ feast that not only fills their stomach but also their soul.”

Sonny’s has given back to the Salvation Army, Hungers End America, the Homeless Coalition in Port Charlotte and many more for more than four years. You can help Sonny’s give recognition to those who deserve it by going to www.randomactsofbbq.com.

Thank you Sonny’s BBQ for your dedication to our community and for sponsoring this year’s Central Florida BBQ Blowout!

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